Appel Feinkost was founded in 1879 when Heinrich Wilhelm Appel began the sugar trade in Hannover. Then he quickly recognized the signs of the times and started to produce an own line of mustard, and later on engaged in an industrial manufacturing of marinades and the processing of Bismarck herring.

In 1905 Appel reached an incredible success, releasing “mayonnaise”, produced in accordance with German taste – a delicacy that was previously only imported.

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The next very important step in the history of Appel Feinkost was the adding of the term “delicatessen” (feinkost) to its name in 1912, which was the feature of the high-quality of Appel Feinkost products, even till today.

During the following years, Appel Feinkost continuously developed and in 1939 with over 1,400 employees and 1,000 types of products became the largest delicatessen company in Germany.

Today, the name «Appel», first of all, is a symbol of the high quality and unsurpassed taste of fish products. Appel Feinkost is the pioneer in the segment of canned fish. Its products are going through quality control from fishery stage to delivery to the final consumer. Production is located in Germany, in the city Cuxhaven in maximum proximity to the sea, providing exceptional fresh fish.

However, the company does not change the long-standing traditions and continues to produce mayonnaise and sauces – seasonings, including sauces based on sugar.