«Kühne» is one of the oldest family-owned companies in the German foodstuffs industry. For nearly 300 years they were active as the first day. Their experience and creativity give them energy for action. Every day, millions of customers in almost 50 countries are using the «Kühne» products.

In 1722 in Berlin was established a little vinegar distillation factory, which 40 years later became a Kühne family property. Two generations later, Carl Wilhelm Kühne inherited the factory and was the first who made bet on innovation, introducing high-frequency generator Shultsenbaha, he made a quantum leap from retail trade to a modern industrial production. A fermentation process took place in a pure organic material using catalysts – resinous pine or oak. The results were impressive – even for the Government of Prussia. And in 1876, King Wilhelm I appointed Kühne to be a supplier of the Government.

Today «Kühne» – successful international company with a diverse range of products: finest vinegars, sauces for grill, crunchy cucumbers, spicy mustard, wonderful salad sauces, the «Kühne» brand has it all. They are constantly looking for new ideas to make their gourmets happy.


As an expert on a good taste, «Kühne» knows how to make a quality product!