TM “MILFORD” is owned by the European tea company Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft Gmbh & Co. KG (OTG), which was founded in 1907 by Laurens Janssen with the headquarters in Hamburg. For a long time Laurens Janssen remained the sole seller of its product. At first, he were visiting his customers managing the carriage by himself, then was elegant, controlled by the driver, Maybach, with the rose in the buttonhole and the Doberman on the seat. He was adored by the Hamburg society, because he was able to reach out the people. The clients loved him, and he, in return, were giving them a little tea gifts. In 1953 the company took over the reign of his grandson Laurens Spethmann.

He decided to refocus the company from the ordinary tea exports to its production and packaging. Through the establishing of the brand “MILFORD” in 1966, continued the development of the products line from the different brands for retailers to a status of the own brand holder. In 1972 the company expanded its activity, acquiring Austrian company Grosch Tea, later Milford Tee Austria. In 1988 the company was acquired by Onno Behrends, located in East Frisia. With the acquisition of Ed. Meßmer GmbH & Co. (eng. Messmer) in 1990, the company OTG expanded its portfolio of brands.

Subsequently, in addition to the tea products, TM «MILFORD» started to produce cane sugar and sweeteners, firmly occupied the leading position in this kind of industry.