The story of SCHNEEKOPPE begins with the highest peak of the Riesengebirge mountain range – the Schneekoppe (1,602 m). In the 1920s Fritz Klein was already aware of the major significance of natural products. In 1927 he began packing linseed and linseed oil and sending it from the foot of the Schneekoppe to traders throughout Germany.

1953 saw the official registration of the SCHNEEKOPPE brand. At this time the range already encompassed 30 naturally healthy products. This selection was set to grow continuously over the years that followed.


In the mid-1960s the range was expanded for the first time to include products developed specifically for diabetics. At that time special requirements within healthy nutrition were already being addressed and there was a conscious effort to address the requirements of this growing segment of the population.

Today, the SCHNEEKOPPE brand encompasses over 120 products in the field of healthy nutrition. From natural classics such as linseed oil, linseed and muesli bars to ranges for gluten and lactose-free diets.

Selected raw ingredients, processed with care, form the ideal basis for the products. The SCHNEEKOPPE brand is avoiding the use of preservatives, flavour enhancers, artificial flavours and colourings. It places great value on a good flavour, also satisfying the highest requirements in this respect.

In the development of the products this brand pays close attention to current dietary trends and the wishes of the consumers. At the same time, it also observes current nutritional-physiological research to ensure that it offers a healthy product in addition to high quality and flavour.